Kaiser Café

Photo Courtesy: Kaiser Cafe

Within the premises of the Garden of Dreams, Kaiser Cafe an international standard coffee shop and restaurant operates under the management of the Dwarika’s hotel. It is located in Keshar Mahal, Thamel. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to the customer’s choice. If you want to escape the busy life, pollution, and noise of Kathmandu’s busy streets and be transported to a place with classical architecture, then be sure to visit this place. The visitors have to pay a small entrance fee before they are allowed to enter the garden. It was previously an overlooked garden belonging to Rana rulers only but was restored later.

Last Christmas, I visited there with my friends for lunch. The restaurant was attractive with tiled classical decorations upon the walls. Restaurant’s atmosphere was very pleasant and calm. One can also enjoy a candle light dinner. The food was delicious and customer service was also commendable. Items in the menu were a little costlier for us but the quality and the location was enough to justify the expense. I had a lovely and relaxing dinner, which I absolutely enjoyed. I have visited the place a number of times and have tried a number of items from the menu, which tastes all good till date. I love the way they serve Mo: Mo along with the soup. The Kaiser streak was a dish out of the world; it was simply yummy! The deserts were also finely done.

I had never imagined that there could be such an adorable place in the midst of Kathmandu. Like other modern restaurants in Kathmandu, they also provide free Wi-Fi service to their customers. One can enjoy the true blend of classical architecture and delicious food in Keshar Cafe. I recommend you all to once visit Keshar Cafe and feel the vibe.


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